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Let’s humiliate daddy – project with Dave

kedd, május 21st, 2013

Daddy needs you!

And you all are good boys,
aren’t you?



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szombat, május 11th, 2013

Let’s humiliate daddy – project with Dave

hétfő, május 6th, 2013

How Alex taught old cocksucker Dave?


When the old cocksucker Dave visited Alex in his playroom,

Alex saw immediately that he had some trouble.

It was obvious for master Alex at once

that the cocksucker lives in illusion and can not see the real face of the world.

But Alex does not despise the suffering mankind and always understands their aberrations

and ready to help them to find themselves.

It was not easy. But finally his work was successful.

And now let the cocksucker Dave tell us in his own words!

?Yes, I am deeply grateful for Master?s help.

Without his care I could have never understood who I am. 

But Alex opened my eyes and now I know that I am no more than a rectal.

You see? A bottom.

An asshole. A butt-cunt. And Alex showed me why I was born.

For getting his sperm. This is the reality.


And all other things are only illusions. No more.?


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